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April 16, 2014

Lions drown in a rare downpour
floating manes roar susurrations
leaving behind a note
Fireflies leave the light on
until power runs out
from steady to nothing
Rams find their inner lemming
rocks and horns strike
for one last spark
Fish from the deep deep
rocket towards the surface
a scaling disintegration
Spiders free fall unspooling
from an half-finished web
to the end of their line
Humans wrote themselves
off long ago

title: sentient ; haley mcbride
April 4, 2014


good night fruit

April 16, 2014

a grin grew in the greenhouse
the dimple caught dew
when I think of pretty you
I feel peaches
fuzzy navels and a blush
a flush and some soft down
living with a rush
and a skin to sleep in

title: good night fruit ; haley mcbride
April 5, 2014

how whales fly

April 16, 2014

if i were to have a super-power
it’d be slow-motion
for all the times you turned heads sky-ward
although i’d have to make rules for non-interference
such as letting your teardrop hit the dirt-floor
otherwise we’d sink to the bottom of a saltless-sea

title: how whales fly ; haley mcbride
April 2, 2014

a discovery of bodies

April 16, 2014

I don’t know why they haven’t named you yet. I mean, I just pulled out the telescope and looked right through you. You’re tall stretches, dark matter, and every good looking element. No reaches of you have been discovered, although you have gravity. Here, let me photograph and record all the freckles the suns winked into existence. I bet they’ve died already and I’m only now seeing the light that left. Still, I’d like to connect the dots before we all drift spiraling apart. Molten cores and absolute zero laws- I’m suited for extremes as long as we agree on space. Scientists say the observable universe has a boundary. But the infinite being boundless and unseen, you, I name Love.

title: a discovery of bodies ; haley mcbride
March 24, 2014


April 16, 2014

He mentioned that the Tree of Knowledge
the one Adam and Eve ate from was also the Tree of Love
It made me pause and I couldn’t argue for or against it
Because it was what he saw

I read somewhere the Tree of Knowledge
was the Tree of Death
Before they ate the apple they just saw things as it stood
They’re trying to say that we caused our own death
in trying to interpret everything as something else not what it is
Because we see things from a million different ways but not as one
The truth is one lie, not a million

This is why we live in doubt and anger.
Anger. Sadness.
comes when we try to control the reality of others
when we fail to see that the only reality we can control is ours
Eat that apple or not, your choice
And it’ll all fall down (to love, death, knowledge, reality)
to Life


title: trees ; haley mcbride
March 23, 2014

charting the skin

April 16, 2014

her soles curl inward and the earth crumbles beneath worries
cracks fill with the dirt that began as a mountain
ranging across the geography of wrinkling time
the trouble is pinpointed in the furrow
that she dug and brows struggle to bridge the gap
of knowledge that gripping sand is letting go

title: charting the skin ; haley mcbride
March 21, 2014

to protest against feelings

April 16, 2014

You sleep like a log,
but you aren’t woody or hollow.
You race like it’s the end of the world,
but you’re the bang.
You must feel like an idiot,
but tomorrow you discover a sanddollar.
The ebbing tide tickles your ankles
and says you feel like nice.

You are stretched tight,
but you burn on the outside.
You are the cup that is empty
filled with the rising fists.
You are the fern
and the gibbous eyes ringing the campfire.
You are the message
wrapped around the cement brick.
You fly, circa once upon a time, through Room 93
to feel like you, you, and you

title: to protest against feelings ; haley mcbride
March 23, 2014