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IKYIRL (i know you in real life):
Luxe Chandelier Steph Anne (she introduced me to the world of blogging & has an awesome one of her own)
FashionXXX Monika (i’m always checking out her clothes, i’d do well to listen to her advice)
Our Little Dill Pickle Kristy (a mother on a journey with her children)
There He Goes Josh (a Peace Corps Volunteer currently in Meru, Kenya until October 2012)

IDKYBILY: (i don’t know you but i like you)
Anonymous Doc ever wanted to know what a doctor really thinks?
Lucy Knisley’s ArtJournal i like her comics & the style’s just right
I Stare At People an artist who oil sketches on the fly
Color Me Katie an artist who is a new favorite, COLOR- yes!

ILLAYABF (i like looking at you and being fascinated)
Dark Roasted Blend
Strange Maps
Totally Looks Like
Oddly Specific
Awkward Family Photos
People of Walmart

Famous: Celebrities and Authors and possibly their friends (yes, i stalk)
Amanda Fucking Palmer A vocal Rock star & Neil Gaiman’s fiancee
Neil Fricking Gaiman An writing Rock star & Amanda Palmer’s fiancee
Lorraine An assistant Rock star to Neil Gaiman
Whatever John Scalzi- a Sci-Fi author (i liked Old Man’s War)
Lakehouse Jay Lake- a Sci-Fi author… one of my all time favorite blogs to read

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