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April 16, 2014

He mentioned that the Tree of Knowledge
the one Adam and Eve ate from was also the Tree of Love
It made me pause and I couldn’t argue for or against it
Because it was what he saw

I read somewhere the Tree of Knowledge
was the Tree of Death
Before they ate the apple they just saw things as it stood
They’re trying to say that we caused our own death
in trying to interpret everything as something else not what it is
Because we see things from a million different ways but not as one
The truth is one lie, not a million

This is why we live in doubt and anger.
Anger. Sadness.
comes when we try to control the reality of others
when we fail to see that the only reality we can control is ours
Eat that apple or not, your choice
And it’ll all fall down (to love, death, knowledge, reality)
to Life


title: trees ; haley mcbride
March 23, 2014

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