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so above like below

April 16, 2014

And so I slipped my fingers
through the folds of the atmosphere
They were swallowed by kneaded dough made of azure
I felt around,
rising my shoulder pushing deeper into the heavy blue
my cheek smushed into wet electricity
I used a spark to send my nerve-endings the message:
Keep reaching for that unmistakable craggy coolness.

My body heat emanated, manufacturing a mist
cotton vapors covered my land-slanted eye in a tickle of blindness
I shooed showers directing them toward a purple plain
There were tell-tattle thrums skipping on the sphere’s steely shield
I chose then to be still, mid-wave

I sensed falling stars plucking, fizzing at increments
My search paused, instead I cupped my net palm and waited
Magneted straight into my grasp, caught, elation, success
against my fingers the fine edges, an unmistakable craggy coolness
the tendrils of a spider born in grass- Emerald

They came fast now. Action replaced patience.
My other arm thrust, punching upward through the royal thickness
trawling the sky for Rubies, Jade, Sapphires, Opals
Opal like lye- mostly white and explosive from an angle, wars were started for less but not better than
The tail-lights signaling a depature, Ruby, always saying farewell good-bye
Jade, frothy as toothpaste against teeth- minty, refreshing, and set in stone

They all came down. Amethyst, Turquoise, Crystal.
A fortune teller that uses a crystal orb is only a con- the future is never clear
They grew heavier. More than I could hold. The sky was falling.
So much wealth. So much shine. So much blood diamonds.
The universe came within my reach from the bowels of the earth.
That was not enough.

They came to answer. They buried us all.
Gems piling into graves. The collapse was total.
And thus, I return to the ground, assimilated into dust and eventually crushed into diamonds
Lightyears away my cousins winked in accord
as I laid scattered and veins bare impossibly twinkling

title: so above like below ; haley mcbride
April 3, 2014

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