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ready. set. birthday.

April 26, 2011

The cramped space and the water all around us had lent itself to giddy. The phrase “I like fun.” permanently entered my life, inky black across the inner arm. That was exactly a year ago. I was on a boat in San Diego flipping the quarter of a century mark.

Now, I’m a thousand miles away from that beach not contemplating another tattoo but my life. It’s a fine thing to have a birthday. And even a finer thing to have a golden one. 26 years on day 26. My family of two just became four. With a place of our own came the cat and the dog. With all the love around me creating such a safe place, I must admit, from my inner sanctuary, that I have not done enough to cultivate my own passions.

Epiphanies come far and few.

It isn’t where you are but what you make of it. What I do here can be duplicated anywhere. I was always blaming the external place for the nothing doing when all I had to do was look inward. What do you do when you have no easy on-switch for action? I suppose find something to light that fire with.

The flint can be me and the kindle made of spanish moss, be Austin. While the place isn’t to blame for the nothing doing, it can be my palette. This place is full of energy. Creative energy I could harvest as long as I sink my eye-teeth into it.

A lot of things have been running through my head these last few years especially aimed at my desire/motivation/need/want to do something that is completely not ordinary.

All things point to art. I want to take my pinky finger and send it into waves over the palm of my other hand- Art. With that creation, the buds of my hands move towards my chest and splash into a warm sensation rushing up towards my head and morph the spread of fingers into a pair of chinese fans that I peer over- Inspiration. Fire. Light. Paper. Angles. Exposure. Photography.

I’m pretty sure there’s some talent in that pinky finger.

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  1. Erin Matthews permalink
    April 26, 2011 8:59 pm

    Yelah, from one girl who likes fun to another, I often ponder the amazing potential of your little pinky. People all around you, wherever you go, are amazed at your zing, your zest, your SPUNK, and your creative abilities. I have faith in my Yelah and I can’t wait to see all the future creations that you spawn.


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