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that butterfly to create a storm

July 3, 2010

Road Trip Day 25
Setting: Philadelphia

I find myself in a colonial house packed with men. I am one, they are six. We are all of the same age on different walks of life but we’ve found each other in the same place. The commonality present is the fact we’re all still seeking that peace of mind.

One wants to be a spy
the other programs games.
There’s the happy, the anticipating, the sunburnt, and the watchful.

Every generation has a few defining moments that changes the world. Mine knows September 11th and most recently, the BP spill. In nearly every city I’ve gone through thus far(chicago-illinois rochester-new york bennington-vermont new london-connecticut philadelphia-pennsylvania) we discuss this human-made disaster. This summer I am being supported by my own dependence upon fuel, driving across the country.

Does peace of mind appear when you decide to stop being neutral? According to Dante, the worst kind of hell is reserved for these that maintain their aloofness, never deciding what is right or wrong, never standing up for what they believe in. I have been proactive in my own life but have yet to participate and contribute to the world around me. It never feels like I can make a difference. But I can be that penny to complete 999,999.99.

I’m so sick of talking about the spill. So sick of railing against these who do not do enough when I myself point fingers and the rest of my fingers point right back at me. One of our stops will be along the Gulf Coast.

Right now, it seems the volunteer options are to be hired by BP, own a boat, or donate to some kind of cause. I’m hoping that we can get training or help with supplies. Something. I refuse to be placed in that worst kind of hell, being tormented by my own conscience.

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  1. Merrimom permalink
    July 6, 2010 10:27 pm

    Every time I read or see or hear more about “THE SPILL” I get closer to the full-blown realization that this is a huge and life-changing event, in fact life-on-earth-changing event. The news is so devastating, the spill so big, it’s hard to get my mind around it. I don’t think the corporate media is giving it it’s due…yet I want to look away myself.

    I’ve specifically wondered how your possible move to Texas might be affected by the spill…and now you are pointing your path straight toward it, as if it is calling to you.

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