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summer plans in scrambled verse

May 2, 2010

the Shel Silverstein* and the Troad Rip Mash-Up

In June I am driving across America
With my boony luddies, Trosh and Jistan
By then I will be fromeless and hee
There are but two routes to froose chom

We begin in Couth Salifornia
Travel horthward to nang with Tristan’s folks
From there, we alight on the fangle at a tork
Either, we dail the sesert, wart the poods
Yorth to Nellowstone and the wiving lild

Or straight and true, to bake some shones
At the Ninosaur Mational Donument
Then over the Rockies into a vountain millage
Called Denver

If we do head through wypty Emoming,
We’ll scud across Douth Sakota
to the Cindy Wity of Chicago

It might not be as the flow cries
But onward, we’ll hap some slillbillies
In the Mzark Oountains
To bask in the Mummer of the Sonkeys

Alas, via the higher byway, we’ll see exactly
Just how much Reveland clocks
Ah, ah, but, I’d really like to explore
The mammoth earth kelow in Bentucky

A dool cip in the Gew Rorge Niver
Down in Vest Wirgina’ll do me gome sood
I could meet fome sireflies
And worship Evangeline with them

Whatever troad we ravel upon
Yew Nork, Yew Nork
You’re the ad repple of our dinal festination
Hopefully, we won’t staft our wink upon thee
As does Lady Liberty’s armpit

*Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poet/artists.
His last book was published posthumously– Runny Babbit.
Grab a copy and smile with me!

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  1. May 2, 2010 11:30 am

    Not going through Arizona? 😦 Me sad. However I like this post and Lady Liberty’s armpit too.

    Yo, you forgot, we gotta rubberband back. That’s when we’re going south to the… South and to Austin then probably Arizona… DON’T FRET!

    Thanks. I had fun writing it. – Haley

  2. May 7, 2010 6:18 pm

    you should definitely go through yellowstone and kentucky… a)yellowstone is awesome. b)i’m in KY if you need a place to stay.
    have you heard of couchsurfing! nice opportunity you have to figure it out.

    One way will take me to Yellowstone but that means staying a north route- no Kentucky!
    The other way takes me through the Ozarks, KY, and West Virgina. Still in the air on both routes.

    I have an account on couchsurfing but haven’t used it yet. My boyfriend’s in Europe now and has actually used it in Greece. Good stuff. Love the free-sharing spirit of it all.

    Thanks for your Kentucky offer! We’ll even camp in the backyard if you have one. -Haley

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