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back at it with a boring review

February 10, 2010

I’ve performed the #1 facepalm of a newbie blogger according to – Life Without Pants

Yep, was successfully following a routine of posting the semi-occasional blog. Then I went and fell off the edge of the world. Sorry about that, I’ll work on my consistency. CONSISTENCY! (What a concept).

As I mentioned in the Carnimoprhismicallyvegetarianism, Eat Me post, I’m not a very good follow-througher. It’s not that I just figured it all out, but here we go!

Quick Rewind Update on Posts Past-
Detoxing went well, did my best to ease out of it. Back to boozing in social circumstances. But not back to excessive sugar and salt and still eating my poo-friendly veggies! Seriously, get What’s Your Poo Telling You for your bathroom readings. My roommates quote me on this- “The poo book really helps us communicate.”

Life path dream goals are still eluding me; however, next life stage might be relocating to….. Austin, Texas. I’ll get back to you on this one.

• Still only have one pair of jeans. I don’t know how I do it, really.

• Being a Vegetarian suits me. This time around I’m a much better cook (emphasis on MUCH) and willing to experiment. Good-bye pasta yesterday, hello tempeh cutlets on the menu tomorrow. Personal Tip- Get some recipe books like the ones I picked up: Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook and Being Vegetarian for Dummies.

Healthcare still hasn’t passed! What…. A….Drag…. (This is a euphemism for WHAT THE FUCK!) I really need to get my preventive care on.

• For some awesome discussions on the religion front that leaves me in the dust on eloquence, go and read Jay Lake’s blog, an author whose work I just started reading and he has great discourse and thoughts on the subject. Start here and he’ll give you all the links necessary to follow.

Still shuffling, just shuffled up and down the San Francisco hills last weekend. Pretty good exercise. Newspapers are staying intact, by the way.

Baby bird hasn’t left the nest.

• Another thing I’ve followed through on (is a pattern developing?), there has been NO making friends with the weasel. A great thing about not popping my neck is the fact it already feels better. It’s like itching that budding poison oak bump only to get this big gash that itches even more. Ok, bad analogy there. But I really do have a bad case of poison oak. I’ll show you the pictures if you wish. Just ask.

• The fall heat dropped off in South California and got replaced by El Nino this winter. The hills are alive with the sound of rumbling devastation. Can’t hear that, so all I got to give are happy smiles at the green vegetation frothing over.

• I’ve figured out that I’m a nosy, pushy, loving bully. If you’re depressed, I’m going to smack you over on the head and not let you cry… the suicide month isn’t the right time for you to get all sad. Frankly, that just makes me paranoid.

My update hath runneth over. Be back with y’all soon, folks.

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  1. February 12, 2010 3:21 pm

    fuck, can that healthcare thing work itself out?! FUCK.

    • February 14, 2010 9:25 pm

      I like to say fuck like FOOOOCK. And, yes, I will avert my eyes towards the silver lining and know that it will get passed, just a matter of when.

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