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cleansing the wicked from 2009

January 17, 2010

Sunday- Today, I am Fasting.

Indeed, I am cleansing my body. January is the perfect time to do this, immediately after the gluttonous celebrations that is December joyibulations… November feasting….  October sweets…. and the all-encompassing booze… oh, the boozing.

This is my fourth time doing this over the last three years. The program I follow is Fast Track Detox by Ann Louise Gittleman. It is designed to release toxins while flushing them out, kick-start your liver function, get your digestive acids working properly, and allows your colon to expel…. well.

Let me quickly list what I am REQUIRED to have the first 7 days (all Organic)-


The last 3 days I add sauerkraut and yogurt (I salivate, for tomorrow I dollop it on top of my Delicious Morning After Fluffly Apple Flaxcakes).

No bread/carbs at all with the exception of brown rice, nil sucra.. no salt except the occasional sea salt sprinkle to neutralize the bitterness of dark greens. the sodium in vegetable broth is acceptable, too. Alas, spices are tres importante. Cinnamon is supposed to help your metabolism.. so spice away!

All of this happens over the course of 10 days not including the detox fast day. Great, huh? Don’t grimace too much for me though, there are also neutral foods I can eat that include yummies like Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Shallots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives…

It can get pretty bland if you don’t add a dash of cayenne or anything… the reason I do it  is not because of the terrific gourmets but to feel energized. This whole program teaches my body what it wants to eat. Tomorrow, the day after my fast. I am supposed to savour every bite I take.. this way while being on an empty stomach my body is trained to crave what it is given. It’s always worked.

The only difference is that this time around there’s no meat for me. I can’t eat the beans or nuts that offer a decent replacement to that loss so in a cup of water I mix in Blue-Green Algae (brand- Spirulina). Let me say… the stuff isn’t that pleasant, but it is necessary, so I go forth with dark green war paint dribbling down my mouth corners and pinch my nose. How hard is 11 days anyway, really, people!

Eaaaat meeeeee

I mixed the algae in a bowl of cabbage soup and let me repeat what I said on twitter – it turned into a color-tint of WTF.

As for the FAST day- I drink water and Cranberry Miracle Juice (a concoction of pure cranberry juice, orange juice, water, and nutmeg/cinnamon/cloves). I drink 8 oz of each, alternating every hour. Needless to say, there’s a lot of visits to the WC. Ever had pure cranberry juice? That’s heavy stuff right there, I dare you to drink it straight up, however, on the sensible side, I recommend you add a small amount to a cup, fill it up with water, and you have your super antioxidant drink.

Due to the lowered calories and low-carb diet, I can’t do heavy exercise. I cheated a bit with some hard hikes but.. hey (a 4 pound loss is nice).


Information notwithstanding, my feelings about this whole experience, I shall share.

*I like the fact that I have a really good excuse for not buckling to various situations of peer pressure.. I’m weak.

*Portions are a lot less and I am a little more hungry in between meals than the last two detoxes due to not including protein (I would recommend ALG try to do another book for Vegetarians, Spirulina = Protein replacement but not BULK replacement. K?)

*Immediately after eating, I get a lot of physical highs, it’s odd. Like my body is floating.

*I crave the simple things, like a morning toast with my eggs.

*I love smoothies, I look forward to these as desserts (a cup of berries, vanilla whey, flaxseed oil, cranberry juice, some water).

*The beginning felt slow… I swear time is going faster now, scientific foundations shall be thwarted.

*All this feeling great about my food intake inspired me to get out a lot more, went hiking three times in a week and had a night out, dancing, as well.

*I’m excited that I lost 4 pounds already. The day of the Fast is supposed to be the highest amount of weight loss, though. I’m ready to jump back into the gym and sweat when this is over especially since I’ll definitely be taking in more portions.

*I’m also doing this with my boyfriend and we’ve been excellent supporters for each other. Happy it makes me that I can live a similar lifestyle with the person I’m around the most.

Fasting day is awesome. There’s no food prep or dishes to be washed. Now, I’m going to go see Sherlock Holmes in the theater. This day is supposed to be a day of rest and reflections. Btw, I’m not hungry.

Gandhi said – “What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner.”

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  1. Merri permalink
    January 20, 2010 5:51 pm

    Kudos to your production of words and wellness!

  2. March 9, 2010 6:59 pm

    Hey have you spammed my site LOL.

    Spamming, I don’t know about that. I just visited your site and it’s very informative, however I don’t know who you are or what your credentials are, you should add an “about” you page.


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