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my health is your concern

December 15, 2009

On Twitter, I asked for a blog assignment and got this from “@jcopacetic- @i_frolic ok. Topic 1. Why a Public Option is better than the medicare buy-in”

Let me see what I can do for you- Mr. Jcopacetic

  • Politics are generally not my cup of tea, but I do vote.
    I read the newspaper every other day and watch State of Union addresses. is my homepage.
    I’m a Democrat of the liberal side.
    Evangelists creep me out.
    Bush pissed me off.
    I considered re-locating to Canada during the re-elect. (I’m thankful I got to at least live in Australia for six months during that reign. Bush’s buddy Prime Minister, John Howard, got voted out while I was there, whew.)
    Socialism doesn’t sound so bad when it means everyone gets taken care of.
    I support free day-care and healthcare for all.
  • Personal Experience
    Insurance companies really baffle me when it comes to declining healthcare to these who need it most because it costs them too much. I just get so much “duh” out of that. When illness strikes, that’s when we need help the most. Money should never be a deciding factor in these things.

    Just out of college, I’m too old to be under my parent’s policy. Unemployed- thus, I have no cash for my own policy. I’m pretty much insurance-less. This healthcare issue very much applies to me.

    I know I am acquiring more and more health problems the older I become- my left shoulder gives me pains, I have a hole in the last of my molars, my eye-sight is probably getting worse, and I self-diagnosed myself as having carpal tunnel in both of my wrists.

    I absolutely hate hospitals. I grew up having surgeries- one for a polyp in my nasal cavity and twice for cochlear implant surgeries. I got a needle stuck wrong in me and ever since often have dizzy spells at the sight of blood.. but I KNOW I need to go and dealing with paperwork and insurance only deters me further. I KNOW I have to go to prevent health problems but I can’t and that only makes the emergency rooms worse when these health issues come to head at the worst peak.

    Now- to get to the point, the combination of politics and the medical field is a nasty one. Especially with Insurance companies out there for money, and not for healthcare. Everybody’s lives are at stake and this democracy is filled with experts and non-experts with every kind of opinion. Let me add my own.

    Define Public Option
    from : The public option proposed by some Democrats makes a public health insurance plan available in health insurance exchanges or gateways, alongside private plans, for some uninsured Americans.

    The plan : The federal government creates a public insurance plan some uninsured citizens can opt for over private insurers. Since the government has more leverage than private industry when negotiating with hospitals and doctors and can get lower rates, the plan would likely be the cheapest option out there.

    Define Medicare Buy-In
    Basically it’s an expansion of the current Medicare to a younger age, 55-64.

    The Debate
    I checked out what is now IN the healthcare bill for sure- and it’s long… long…
    mostly, it just looks like more money going into prevention, intervention, children’s health, modernizing the system, making things more effective… it’s a look towards universal healthcare but not true reform. Public Option and Medicare buy-in are both not listed and are still being debated over by the Senate. Visit for the long list of what’s in the bill and the budget.

    The current debate is along the lines of taking Public Option out and replacing it with Medicare Buy-In. It is disappointing that a healthcare reform really isn’t happening. We need something more radical than just an expansion of Medicare. What about ME? I ask.

    So, why do I think Public Option is better? It’s a bigger reform than an expansion of just one age group. It’ll impact the insurance companies that have been ripping us off for a long time as well. If people want private insurance, go ahead. Why do people argue against government care? The ones that want more specialized care can keep it if it’s within their means.

    I’m not very educated in these matters and my opinion is not full of expertise but something has to change. Something way bigger. Obama will not relent until there is universal healthcare, these nay-sayers better believe they’re only putting off the inevitable.

    Not a very flowery blog, but I might as well stick to what I know.


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