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a post in which I hope doesn't anger but encourages questions

December 7, 2009

Here I am again, alas I am not continuing the previous to-be-continued blot but am here for an entirely different reason which I will get to very shortly-

Ever since I joined Shelfari, a FaceBook for bookworms, it’s really upped the speed at which I finish a book. What a novel idea, making lists and checking them off! I polished off Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman, what a guy) today and am halfway through Sophie’s World. (So far it’s excellent and it’s a beautiful weaving of story/parallelogram of the history of philosophy.)

This brings me to the delicate topics of philosophy and religion. I will generally tell people, no, I’m not religious and try to stay away from any fanatics. Fanatics can be nice but I generally nod and say, I see. It’s so difficult to be politically correct, but I can say that humans have really fucked up their ability to co-exist with the continuous pursuing of their own set of beliefs in spite of so many variations.

I’ll just get straight to my qualms…

The big religions of the world (you know who you are) can be separated into basically two different sources – one Indo-European and the other Semitic. One pursuing the rebirth of life and the other Armageddon. My issue with this, they all basically came from the same source and can’t all be right, can they? Maybe they can be right based in terms of faith and spirituality (some people would fall to despair without some buoy or expectations beyond “this is it”), to which I say, go for it, to each their own, however, do not be fooled into thinking that whatever teaching is the end-all, be-all.

What I am trying to say is that they’re all myths and stories, penned by Man. The Bible and every other set of writing is stuff of legend… the Greatest Story Ever Told? How about the Greatest Lie Ever Told? I do not mean to turn down the teachings of compassion, kindness, brotherhood and all that yadda. Someone told me once that if there was no religion then man could not live peacefully (……….. do I really have to mention the Crusades?). I think religion used wisely is the same as not firing a gun. It’s how the tool is used by the wielder. Sometimes the person is bad, sometimes they’re not.

I believe I’m a good person and I have never needed any religion to tell me what was wrong or right. Conscience comes with being human, as long as there is kindness around you. I can’t say what I follow one way or another… I prefer to eliminate what I don’t and keep it at that. What I can say is I am very interested in being a meditative and an aware person. Humanist? I am a wanna-be at least.


I probably am all over the place now but I want to share something that pertains in a very curious way to me– From Sophie’s World

“…the most important of the senses for Indo-Europeans was sight. How important hearing was to the Semitic cultures is just as interesting. It is no accident that the Jewish creed begins with the words: ‘Hear, O Israel!’ In the Old Testament we read how people ‘heard’ the word of the Lord, and the Jewish prophets usually began their sermons with the words: ‘Thus spake Jehovah (God.)’ ‘Hearing’ the word of God is also emphasized in Christanity. The religious ceremonies of Christanity, Judaism, Islam are all characterized by reading aloud or ‘reciting.’ ”

I found that compelling because I am deaf and I had a friend of mine of the same ilk tell me (paraphrasing here)—- dude, this lady came up to me once and apologized. I asked her why and she told me that I could never hear the word of God.—

That really hit me in the weirdest way. Hearing the word of the Lord, to some people, has become more important than looking at others in a humane way. That’s pretty twisted.


What’s the point is a question I often ask myself and I want to find one even though I’ve cursed myself with skepticism. To keep myself from becoming a pitiful nihilist, I’d like to look at everything with WONDER instead. Help me out?

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  1. josephine permalink
    January 5, 2010 2:27 pm

    love this one i cldnt help but to laugh at the part where the lady apologized that you could never hear the word of God. wtf thats fucked up if that lady believed that God is caring and whatever else he is he wouldnt forget about the us deafies si? not just us but those who are disabled. anyways you’re right, to each their own.


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